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In our latest partnership we join with ceramic artisans, Yido, to celebrate firsthand the artistry and authenticity of handmade products.

Founded in South Korea, Yido has been firing up its kilns since 1990 to create exquisitely handcrafted ceramic dinnerware. Their sought-after creations are inspired by the traditional pottery making methods of Yeoju that has a rich history of over 1000 years.

Unique Beauty

Yido embraces the quirky curved irregularities that can only arise when making their ceramics by hand. Each ceramic creation is hand-shaped and precisely glazed, before finally the clay is fired at 1250°C. These processes, steeped in tradition, ensure every piece has a singular inimitable beauty.

Limited Edition

To celebrate the philosophy it shares with Benromach – that only the human touch can create truly authentic character – Yido has crafted a limited edition set of serving decanters exclusively for Benromach.

Inspired by the form of a traditional Korean liquor carafe, each stylish piece takes over 340 hours to hand make and in true Yido fashion, every single Benromach decanter is authentically unique.

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