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From familiar favourites and household names to avant-garde concoctions dreamt up by contemporary creators, join us in exploring whisky cocktails inspired by Benromach’s handmade single malts.

Green Apple & Cedarwood Sour

An artful combination of two Benromach Contrasts range whiskies creates the base for this Green Apple & Cedarwood Sour cocktail. With an enticing emphasis on fresh apple flavours, the partnership between sweet and sour plays out perfectly atop the woody and smoky background.

A truly stunning single malt cocktail, designed by Jake Lovell-Hewitt from publiq.london.


45ml Benromach Contrasts: Organic

5ml Benromach Contrasts: Peat Smoke

17.5ml Cedar Cordial

2.5ml Apple Cider Vinegar

5ml Green Apple Juice


Mix all ingredients together before stirring and straining into a coupette. Serve with lemon zest as garnish.

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