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A celebration of all things handmade, our Firsthand campaign offers a behind-the-scenes look at the passion and the craft of makers from around the world who share Benromach’s approach, philosophy and values.

In our latest collaboration, we partnered with master craftsman Anthony Huang from Kinfalcon Studio, Taiwan, to recreate our beloved still house stool, used by the team at the distillery. The previous stool was respectfully retired after decades of loyal service – acting as a ladder, a prop and, among other uses, a place to rest weary feet after long hours making our single malt whisky the traditional way.

To get a firsthand perspective of our how the distillery works, Mr Huang visited the distillery before returning to Taiwan to create his interpretation of our still house stool that is now proudly used by the team at the distillery.

“Just like the handmade process of Benromach's whisky, we blend "head, heart, hands" into our craftsmanship. Using our proudest traditional joinery craftsmanship, we helped Benromach create this stool they use, making it from European oak to mirror the same materials as their whisky barrels.” Anthony Huang


Fascinated by Nordic-style antiques and furniture, Anthony Huang once flew to Denmark in search of the perfect furniture for his home and B&B. After his visit, he was inspired to craft furniture in line with the core concepts of Nordic design – beautiful and practical.

With his background in advertising and design, he founded Kinfalcon Studio in 2013 and started crafting the ideal furniture himself. He loves a simple and peaceful environment, therefore the studio is hidden away in the alleys of Tainan in Taiwan.

Whilst Kinfalcon strives for innovation, Mr Huang insists on crafting his products through the most traditional techniques.

“Handcrafting allows me to incorporate details and my passion into my furniture which ensures that all of our creations can stand the test of time and also carry the idea and concept of heritage. Just like the rich flavours of Benromach whisky, it leaves people amazed.” Anthony Huang, Kinfalcon

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