Kishu Bincho-tan

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A celebration of all things handmade, our Firsthand campaign offers a behind-the-scenes look at the skill and passion of makers from around the world who share Benromach’s philosophy and values.

For our latest collaboration, we’ve partnered with Mr Mitsuo Okazaki, a master maker of Kishu Bincho-tan, a prized form of white charcoal.

The ancient art of making Kishu Bincho-tan takes place deep in the mountainous forests of Wakayama province in Southern Japan and uses the artisanal techniques which first originated in this area (Kishu) back in the 17th Century. For nearly a decade, Mr Okasaki’s son has worked alongside his father, helping to ensure these traditional hand-crafted methods are retained.

The work cannot be done by machines. It requires me to use all five senses, and sometimes I fail, but I learn from each time so that I can pass this craft on to future generations.” Mr Okazaki

An Ancient Art

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