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At our family-owned distillery, we revive and reimagine the lost style of Speyside single malts using traditional techniques.

Our highly skilled distillers rely entirely on their senses and experience to make our award-winning handmade whisky.

Celebrating the lost style of Speyside whisky, our core range of subtly smoky single malts are matured in the finest quality first-fill casks.

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“We like to say there are four ingredients – the finest barley grown and malted to our specifications, water from the Chapelton Spring in the Romach Hills, yeast and us, the distillers who make it happen!”



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Barley Water Yeast Human Touch

Our four ingredients

Handmade Speyside single malt with a subtle smoky character, matured exclusively in first-fill casks. It takes just four ingredients - barley, water, yeast and a human touch.

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Discover our collection of awards and accolades, earned in recognition of our whisky's quality and flavour.

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