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At Benromach we handcraft
our single malt scotch whisky and make
itslowly, the time-honoured way.


10 Years Old


New look from April 2014 (same old whisky)

Forest fruits & creamy 
nutty malt turning to
delicate smoke with luscious 
lingering sherry notes.

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Our family fulfilled a long-held dream through Benromach.

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Just three distillers passionately handcraft Benromach using the finest Scottish barley and purest Spring Water from the nearby Romach Hills. Travel through mountains and glens to Speyside...

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What’s happening

11 May 2016

In Search of Prudencia Hart

I think Prudencia Hart might be avoiding me. I have been seeking a date with her since 2010 when she first appeared on the Scottish cultural scene. Having tried and failed to catch up with her in various locations from Coatbridge to Selkirk, I discovered she’d moved to Edinburgh where she took the 2011 Festival by storm.

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19 Apr 2016

To the Etape Loch Ness via Outer Mongolia and Patagonia

How would you fancy being one of the first Westerners to trek across some of the remotest and least populated parts of Outer Mongolia? You have a project leader and a medic as part of the team but, like you, they are volunteers with little experience of such a harsh and lonely environment.

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06 Apr 2016

Caledonia Bar - Michael Ferrie

There is something wonderful about having a good local pub close to you. The sort of place where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Where you can read the papers, enjoy a lively discussion, meet up with friends and neighbours or simply watch the world go by. You know the kind of place, the sort of bar which is featured in a certain genre of film or sit com and yes….the sort of place “where everybody knows your name”.

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