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At Benromach we handcraft
our single malt scotch whisky and make
itslowly, the time-honoured way.


10 Years Old


New look from April 2014 (same old whisky)

Forest fruits & creamy 
nutty malt turning to
delicate smoke with luscious 
lingering sherry notes.

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Our family fulfilled a long-held dream through Benromach.

Time to pour a dram, sit back and relax

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Just three distillers passionately handcraft Benromach using the finest Scottish barley and purest Spring Water from the nearby Romach Hills. Travel through mountains and glens to Speyside...

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What’s happening

15 Aug 2016

A Spiritual Map of Scotland

Sitting in the Highland home in which he now does most of his writing, Ian Rankin is talking about his hard living cop, John Rebus, and the drams the pair of them have sunk over the years. As both writer and character have matured their palates have developed, so each is more particular these days about what they drink.

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05 Aug 2016

Benromach Partners with The A Club

This month Benromach is partnering with one of the biggest music events during the Edinburgh Fringe – the AClub at the Merchants’ Hall. Set in one of the most spectacular venues in the capital, the AClub provides a unique experience for visitors and this year, Benromach will be the house whisky.

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04 Aug 2016

Benromach Reveals New Distillery Exclusive

A new Distillery Exclusive has been released by the Benromach Distillery Company Ltd, and is available exclusively at the distillery’s visitor centre.

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