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From familiar favourites and household names to avant-garde concoctions dreamt up by contemporary creators, join us in exploring whisky cocktails inspired by Benromach’s handmade single malts.

Smoked Orchard

A mouth-watering mixture of tart and floral notes is delivered expertly alongside a contrasting herbaceous earthiness in this single malt cocktail by Hawksmoor bartender, Alex Rajan-Iyer.

Throughout the cocktail, the whisky's signature smoke and prominent peated profile is delightfully centre-stage but never overpowers the drink – an exceptionally well-balanced recipe.


50ml Benromach Contrasts: Peat Smoke

25ml Peach Syrup

15ml Lemon Juice

3 x Blackberries

2 x Sage Leaves

1 x tbsp Molasses

Pinch of salt


Shake and strain over ice. Serve in a rocks glass.

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