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17 Nov 2016 17 Nov 2016

Benromach offers Single Cask exclusive to trade customers

A parcel of casks has been released for sale worldwide, and trade customers will have the opportunity to add their business details to the packaging.

The launch follows a period of high growth for Benromach, which was revived in 1998 with just two distillers. Benromach is now exported to over 40 countries and sales have increased by 36% in the last 12 months. A fourth distiller was appointed in summer 2016, and production set to increase in early 2017, in response to Benromach’s growing global popularity.

Kirsty Saville, Benromach Brand Manager, said: “The Benromach Single Cask provides our trade customers with the opportunity to bottle the entire outturn of the cask and customise the offering for their market.

“Benromach, with its unique pre-1960s character, has proved a huge hit in the UK and in overseas markets. Benromach Single Cask provides opportunities to create a unique product for our trade customers.”

For further information on Benromach, and to explore the core range of expressions available, please visit