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01 Sep 2016 01 Sep 2016

Benromach Distillery releases Benromach Hermitage 2007

The Benromach Distillery Company Ltd has launched the latest in its Benromach Wood Finish range: Benromach Hermitage 2007.

The Benromach Distillery Company Ltd has launched the latest in its Benromach Wood Finish range: Benromach Hermitage 2007.Initially matured in bourbon barrels for six years, the spirit was transferred to oak casks that once nurtured wine from the Hermitage Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, in the northern Rhône region of France, and finished for a further 31 months.

Benromach Hermitage Wood Finish 2007 (ABV 45%) has aromas of sweet summer fruits and zesty lemon and lime. This is followed by a touch of vanilla and cinnamon, and underlined by peat smoke with a peppermint edge. On the palate, it’s a sweet, fruity dram, with succulent dark cherry and orange flavours combining with creamy milk chocolate to create a gentle smoky edge and a long, fruity finish.

This latest whisky follows the limited edition Wood Finish expressions Hermitage 2005, Château Cissac 2006 and Sassicaia 2007.

Keith Cruickshank, Benromach Distillery Manager, said:

“At Benromach we work with some of the world’s most exclusive wineries to carefully select casks for finishing. The Benromach Hermitage 2007 is the latest release from our Wood Finishes range, which gives our customers the opportunity to experience classic Benromach with a twist."

 “This Benromach dram is a delicious offering for whisky aficionados and those looking to try something new.”

Benromach is handcrafted using the finest natural ingredients at the Forres distillery. Since the distillery was brought back to life in 1998, the team at Benromach has developed a core range of single malts with the classic pre-1960s Speyside character, and has added a range of exciting expressions, including the first certified organic whisky and a heritage range.

Benromach Hermitage 2007 is available to purchase at specialist whisky retailers with an RRP of £40.25. Prices may vary in export markets because of duty and import taxes.