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10 Years Old


Grain by grain, drop by drop, we handcraft our gorgeous Speyside single malt to taste the way whisky should from our beautiful part of Scotland.

10 Years Old 10 Years Old

Tasting Notes

Pour yourself a dram of Benromach – not too wee and not too big. Swirl the golden liquid around your glass and notice the aroma without water. In other words, take a sniff. Indeed, indulging in several little inhalations is the best way to pick up all the different notes… rich sherry with fruit & nut chocolate, delicate spice, green apples, malty biscuit and a touch of light peat smoke. Now sip your dram, roll the whisky around your mouth and enjoy the taste without water… juicy raspberries and brambles, sherry, creamy malt and a light peat. Next, take in the aroma with water… it’s a wee bit nutty with a touch of charred oak and malt, and there’s also some fancy pineapple and kiwi. Add a drop or two of water to release the full taste with water. Savour the succulent mouth coating and taste the toasted malt, delicate peat smoke and lingering sweet sherry… our gorgeous classic Benromach Speyside style of single malt whisky. What aromas and tastes do you sense? Tell us what you think.


  • Los Angeles International Spirits Competition (Gold) 2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition (Gold)
  • World Whisky Awards Gold 2018 World Whisky Awards Gold
  • Grand Gold Medal Spirits Selection 2017 Grand Gold Medal Spirits Selection
  • Best Speyside Single Malt 12 Years and Under 2017 Best Speyside Single Malt 12 Years and Under
  • World Whisky Awards Gold 2016 World Whisky Awards Gold
  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge Extraordinary 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Extraordinary
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold

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