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Triple Distilled

50%, 2009

Triple Distilled Triple Distilled

Tasting Notes

Pour yourself a dram and regard the luminous pale golden colour, created by passing this gorgeous Single Malt Whisky through our copper pot stills no less than three times during distillation. Enjoy the mellow aroma without water... after a few inhalations you may detect strawberry, elderflower and sweet vanilla mingling with orange citrus. Enjoy the taste without water... roll it around your mouth and savour the creamy malt, touch of white pepper and hints of zingy lime zest, sweet vanilla and toasted oak beautifully balanced with rich dark chocolate and smoky bonfire embers. Add a wee trickle of water and appreciate the aroma with water... sweet and fruity with subtle floral notes. You may discern delicious undertones of orange citrus and vanilla. Now for the taste with water... the smooth and sweet body has an elegant, delicate flavour, with a touch of cracked black pepper, fresh grapefruit and lime citrus and a hint of oak and bonfire embers, leading to a luscious long and fruity finish with a lingering edge of smoke. Tell us what you think.

Matured in first-fill Bourbon barrels.

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