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50 Years Old


Only 125 Bottles released in celebration of half a century of careful maturation. Each Rare and exclusive bottle of Benromach 50 Years Old was distilled in 1969 and bottled on 12th June 2019

50 Years Old 50 Years Old

Tasting Notes


Savour sweet sherry aromas, the sweet luxury of prune syrup, stewed raisins, brown sugar and warm spices. Hints of butterscotch, ginger and candied orange peel appear before giving way to undertones of gentle smoke.


A peppery opening leads to ripe apricot and peach with subtly-sweet dried tobacoo leaf, revealing a soft menthol edge and a lingering, fruity, mellow oak finish.

Benromach 50 years old

Distilled on 11th June 1969 and bottled on 12th June 2019, we are delighted to introduce Benromach 50 Years Old, our oldest expression in the current Benromach range.

Distilled by hand in the early Scottish summer of 1969, in a period in time that encapsulated change and hope for the future. A pivotal time in history for the world and Benromach Distillery.

With the passing of time, the world changes beyond the doors of Benromach Distillery but our processes preserve tradition. By nurturing the skills and knowledge passed down by previous generations, we continue to make the finest hand-made single malt whisky.

Rooted in Tradition

Genuine Character

Benromach 50 Years Old was handcrafted over five decades ago in precisely the same way that all Benromach whisky is made now. We rely entirely on the expertise and senses of a handful of dedicated distillers to produce the finest Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. Such a process is a rarity in the modernised whisky industry. We continue the made by hand tradition to ensure genuine character. It may take longer to make but we believe Benromach whisky deserves nothing less.

A peppery opening leads to ripe apricot and peach with subtly-sweet dried tobacco leaf, revealing a soft menthol edge and a lingering, fruity, mellow oak finish.

 Our Process


Defined by the patience, dedication and craftsmanship of our distillers, we have captured the essence of the bygone days in our maturation process. At Benromach, our casks are stored in dunnage style warehouses, with the optimum environment and humidity, in the same way they were kept in the early days of our distillery. The casks are left there to mature and develop character for many years. Benromach 50 Years Old embodies half a century of careful maturation in our most exclusive single cask release to date. Benromach 50 Years Old is a Refill Sherry Hogshead which, with the luxury of time, has imparted natural warm mahogany tones on its treasured contents. Very occasionally a cask has the ability to stand the test of time and cross generations, with Cask No. 2003 becoming an object of rare age and quality.

Bespoke Presentation

With only 125 bottles released, this exclusive expression rewards 50 years of patience and nurture. This meticulous attention to detail is embodied in the presentation cabinet and glass where five nurture lines have been engraved into the bottle, each representing a decade in the whisky’s life in cask.

Every bottle is individually numbered with a bronze collar displaying the cask number, distillation and bottling dates. The bespoke presentation cabinet displays the extraordinary bottling alongside the story of its making, including details about the cask in which it was matured and the traditional Benromach process that we still use today.

50 years of patience and nurture

Cask No 2003