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35 Years Old


A glorious mature Speyside single malt, left to linger over many years in wooden casks creating full bodied, smooth flavour infused with a delicious edge of charred oak.

35 Years Old 35 Years Old

Tasting Notes

The beautiful golden amber hues of the 35 Years Old promise a satisfying, complex Speysider… and it generously fulfils its promise. Pour a dram and appreciate the AROMA WITHOUT WATER… the nose offers rich sherry influences with orange marmalade, kiwi and grapefruit aromas, complemented by gorgeous cinnamon spice. Now lift it to your lips and take a sip, enjoying the TASTE WITHOUT WATER. Initially, it is sweet on the palate with honey, fruitcake, ripe banana and melon flavours. Watch out for the smooth white chocolate edge as it develops, combined with a soft menthol note, giving a full body and long and smooth fruity finish. Now add a drop or two of water and notice the AROMA WITH WATER… sherry influences with honey, blackcurrant and beeswax polish aromas, complemented by a subtle hint of cloves. Now it’s time to savour the TASTE WITH WATER… a fabulous combination of white pepper followed by dried tobacco, dewy stewed pear, raisin and zesty orange peel flavours, heightened by a delicate edge of charred oak…the result of lingering for over three decades in oak casks.


Matured in first fill sherry casks

  • The Scotch Whisky Masters (Masters Award) 2017 The Scotch Whisky Masters (Masters Award)
  • World Whisky Awards (Category Gold) 2017 World Whisky Awards (Category Gold)
  • Whisky Magazine Editor's Choice Award 2016 Whisky Magazine Editor's Choice Award

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