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04 Sep 2017 04 Sep 2017

Benromach Expands Portfolio with a new Contrast Expression

Benromach Distillery Company Ltd has launched a first – Benromach Triple Distilled single malt.

Benromach Triple Distilled single malt. Benromach Triple Distilled (ABV 50%), is a light golden malt, matured in first fill bourbon barrels, with light, sweet vanilla, chocolate and lemon notes and a lingering smokiness.  The malt, a 2009 vintage bottled this year, will have a limited release of approximately 1300 cases.

Distillery Manager Keith Cruickshank commented: “The launch of our Benromach Triple Distilled single malt marks an exciting time for us here at the distillery as we continue to expand our family of Speyside single malt whiskies. 

“This new whisky is distilled in a wash still once and twice in a spirit still, before it is matured in first fill bourbon barrels, resulting in its light, fruity character with a fantastic delicate smokiness. The Benromach Triple Distilled is an exceptional addition to our Benromach family and we think that whisky lovers and Benromach fans will be eager to experience it for themselves.”

Keith added: “This new expression comes after a successful 18 months for the distillery. Benromach has seen a growth in sales around the world, numerous international award wins and an expansion and renovation to its Moray based distillery and visitor centre.  We handcraft all our whiskies, giving us flexibility to experiment with different distilling and maturation techniques and our new Benromach Triple Distilled is testament to this.”

The Benromach Triple Distilled is available from selected retailers across the UK and Europe, with an RRP of £44.99.