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15 Mar 2019 15 Mar 2019


The Benromach Distillery Company Ltd has announced the launch of its next wood finish expression, Benromach Wood Finish Sassicaia 2011 (45% abv). Just 7,026 bottles will be available in selected markets worldwide from 15th March 2019.

Aged initially in First Fill Bourbon barrels, the whisky is then finished for just under two years in Sassicaia casks from Bolgheri, the esteemed wine region in Tuscany, Italy.

The Sassicaia wine casks impart a unique flavour profile to the whisky of ruby red summer fruits with a hint of soft spices, followed by delicate milk chocolate notes and finished with a wisp of smoke.

Keith Cruickshank, Benromach Distillery Manager, said:

“The Benromach Wood Finish Sassicaia 2011 is the latest addition to our popular Contrasts Range and we are particularly pleased with the delicate saltiness and subtly smoky edge that can be discovered in this delicious single malt.

“At Benromach, we have built up relationships with exceptional vineyards in order to source the highest quality casks for our limited-edition wood finishes. The Sassicaia casks lend a wonderful summer fruit flavour which perfectly complements Benromach’s signature smokiness.”

The elegant bottle displays a neck and shoulder reminiscent of the outline of the stills at Benromach. The copper cut medallion on the packaging signifies the moment in time when the distillers cut to the sweet heart of the spirit run.

This new expression will be available in selected markets worldwide from 15th March 2019 with a recommended retail price (RRP) of £49.95. Prices in local markets will vary depending on local taxes and duty.

Benromach is one of a few distilleries in Scotland to use only traditional methods, without any automated machinery. The small team of distillers employ all their senses when crafting the classic Speyside single malt Scotch whiskies, managing the process by sight, sound and touch to create the unique, handcrafted and authentic Benromach taste.

Benromach Sassicaia 2011 Wood Finish (45% ABV)