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We've been roaming around seeking
out the interesting, the unusual, the unique.
like our single malt, we think these stories
are just a wee bit different.

Ben roamin' 10 May 2018

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, our Distillery Manager Keith Cruickshank takes a fond trip down memory lane in our newest Ben Roamin' blog.

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Ben roamin' 13 Jun 2017

When Scottish supergroup Runrig played a series of three concerts on the esplanade of Stirling Castle in 1997, those lucky enough to be in the sell-out crowds witnessed one of the most emotionally charged performances they are ever likely to hear.

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Ben roamin' 17 Feb 2017

I was sitting in Will Dexter’s studio chatting about art, life and anything else that came to mind. He recalled, “On one occasion a psychiatrist asked me “How can you make someone creative?” I said that everyone was creative. If they were not creating things it was either because they had not yet found their medium or it had been trained out of them.”

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Ben roamin' 10 Oct 2017

I was due to catch up with Shane Kost, the man behind Chicago Food Planet, to get the low down on why speciality tours are becoming big business. With a few hours spare before our meeting I thought booking one of his tours would be a great way to get a bit of background. And what a great move that turned out to be.

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Ben roamin' 17 May 2017

Only when you share a dram with Magnus Houston and experience first-hand his undeniable charisma and quiet confidence, can you begin to understand how a former professional Superbikes rider who didn’t like the taste of fish could become the award winning director of two award winning Highland fish supply businesses.

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Ben roamin' 25 Jan 2017

Some addresses in the world are so completely associated with the type of work that goes on there, their name has become synonymous with the profession. Mention high finance and we think Wall Street. Medicine and we’re transported to Harley Street.

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Ben roamin' 16 Aug 2017

We have chosen a stunning evening for our cruise on Loch Ness from Dochgarroch Lock on the Caledonian Canal. Standing at the bow of the Jacobite Rebel with Freda Newton, MD of Loch Ness by Jacobite, I turn my gaze from the scenery around me and watch Freda’s face as we pass by Bona Lighthouse and the length of Scotland’s most famous body of water stretches before us, all the way to Fort Augustus.

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Ben roamin' 09 Apr 2017

Downtown Melbourne is a fantastic place, full of life, colour and interesting sights. But for the thousands who work there it must be much like any other big city. Sure the weather is nicer than most and it's a bit more laid back than many but come lunchtime thousands of city workers escape their desks and computers looking for a bit of fresh air and a decent lunch before they have to get back to work, just like they do in London, New York or Paris.

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Ben roamin' 06 Dec 2016

It’s November. We’re approaching the season when I have to focus on getting all the gifts I need for the holidays. So where better to spend a day than in the iconic Grand Central Terminal rail station in New York City?

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