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We've been roaming around seeking
out the interesting, the unusual, the unique.
like our single malt, we think these stories
are just a wee bit different.

Ben roamin' 09 Apr 2017

Downtown Melbourne is a fantastic place, full of life, colour and interesting sights. But for the thousands who work there it must be much like any other big city. Sure the weather is nicer than most and it's a bit more laid back than many but come lunchtime thousands of city workers escape their desks and computers looking for a bit of fresh air and a decent lunch before they have to get back to work, just like they do in London, New York or Paris.

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Ben roamin' 06 Dec 2016

It’s November. We’re approaching the season when I have to focus on getting all the gifts I need for the holidays. So where better to spend a day than in the iconic Grand Central Terminal rail station in New York City?

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Ben roamin' 15 Aug 2016

Sitting in the Highland home in which he now does most of his writing, Ian Rankin is talking about his hard living cop, John Rebus, and the drams the pair of them have sunk over the years. As both writer and character have matured their palates have developed, so each is more particular these days about what they drink.

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Ben roamin' 17 Feb 2017

I was sitting in Will Dexter’s studio chatting about art, life and anything else that came to mind. He recalled, “On one occasion a psychiatrist asked me “How can you make someone creative?” I said that everyone was creative. If they were not creating things it was either because they had not yet found their medium or it had been trained out of them.”

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Ben roamin' 24 Oct 2016

Feeling an emotional connection with a place is important to world-renowned Gaelic singer Julie Fowlis. Brought up on the Hebridean Isle of North Uist she still feels a deep pull back to the island’s west coast, to a place where there is nothing but the power of the sea between its wild, untamed beaches and America.

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Ben roamin' 07 Jul 2016

It’s not every day you get to have a chat with someone who helped change the face of the Scottish popular music scene, but having spent an hour or two in the company of Stuart Clumpas I think that may well be an accolade he deserves.

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Ben roamin' 25 Jan 2017

Some addresses in the world are so completely associated with the type of work that goes on there, their name has become synonymous with the profession. Mention high finance and we think Wall Street. Medicine and we’re transported to Harley Street.

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Ben roamin' 28 Sep 2016

Our Distillery Manager Keith Cruickshank talks about his pride & passion for Benromach in this new Ben Roamin' blog.

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Ben roamin' 11 May 2016

I think Prudencia Hart might be avoiding me. I have been seeking a date with her since 2010 when she first appeared on the Scottish cultural scene. Having tried and failed to catch up with her in various locations from Coatbridge to Selkirk, I discovered she’d moved to Edinburgh where she took the 2011 Festival by storm.

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