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We've been roaming around seeking
out the interesting, the unusual, the unique.
like our single malt, we think these stories
are just a wee bit different.

Ben roamin' 27 Sep 2012

Speyside’s smallest whisky distillery, Benromach, celebrated two of Scotland’s best assets, whisky and the arts with its sponsorship of the Arts and Business Awards 2012.

As part of the evening a delectable ice cream, using Benromach’s flagship 10 year old single malt whisky, was commissioned by Wild Thyme for diners.

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Ben roamin' 19 Jun 2012

An award winning arts production, sponsored by Benromach Single Malt Whisky, will be starring in two exclusive performances, just released, at Speyside’s smallest distillery, to toast the phenomenal success of the show worldwide.

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Ben roamin' 03 May 2012

Five ladies from Elgin-based Gordon & MacPhail have entered The Kiltwalk which raises funds for children’s charities in Scotland.

They have called themselves “Team Benromach” after the distillery of the same name. Located in Forres, Benromach Distillery is owned and managed by Gordon & MacPhail. The company has kindly donated Benromach miniatures for all the walkers (over the age of 18) taking part.

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Ben roamin' 21 Aug 2012

A unique art exhibition by a local artist will go on public display at Benromach distillery today (17 August, 2012) and help raise money for a national disability charity.

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Ben roamin' 19 Jun 2012

Two sell out performances of The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart at Speyside’s smallest distillery, Benromach, has been hailed a success.

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Ben roamin' 02 May 2012

Benromach Single Malt Whisky is set to go overseas with the National Theatre of Scotland as it continues to sponsor an international tour of the Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart in America.

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Ben roamin' 29 Jun 2012

Two Scottish distillery workers have been penned by Scottish illustrator, Jill Calder, to feature at the heart of a new design concept set to showcase the secret of Benromach, Speyside’s smallest distillery, to the UK and internationally.

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Ben roamin' 16 May 2012

Speyside’s smallest distillery, Benromach has another duo of top awards to celebrate.

Two of its Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, Benromach Peat Smoke and Organic, has won a gold and silver medal respectively in the Scotch Whisky Masters 2012 competition.

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Ben roamin' 30 Mar 2012

Benromach Single Malt Whisky is building on its successful partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland as it continues to sponsor a UK tour of the Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart 2012 tour, following its support of the production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year.

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