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We've been roaming around seeking
out the interesting, the unusual, the unique.
like our single malt, we think these stories
are just a wee bit different.

Ben roamin' 09 Nov 2015

Benromach, creators of the classic Speyside Single Malt Scotch whisky, have won one of Asia’s most prized accolades.

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Ben roamin' 19 Oct 2015

Filipa Valente’s eyes sparkled as she enthusiastically described some of the traditional dishes that are typical of Lisbon. “You must try the Pastel de Massa Tenra” she enthused and described an exquisite Portuguese version of a Forfar Bridie or Cornish Pastie. “And make sure you have some Escabeche, a sauce we use on lots of things but is particularly good with baby sardines. And the Iscas is fantastic. It is Liver steaks fried in olive oil and eaten with potatoes.”

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Ben roamin' 21 Sep 2015

The Benromach Distillery Company Ltd announces today the release of two new limited edition Benromach Wood Finishes: Sassicaia and Hermitage.

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Ben roamin' 03 Nov 2015

A new single malt whisky has been unveiled by The Benromach Distillery Company Ltd as the brand continues to grow in the USA.

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Ben roamin' 19 Oct 2015

Like many Scots I have a not entirely unjustified reputation for having a bit of a sweet tooth. When the petit-fours are passed around with the coffee after dinner you might catch me watching to see if anyone declines to take theirs in the hope I might get a second piece. And if it happens to be fine Scottish tablet that is on offer you better watch out. I could well knock you over in the rush to get to the plate.

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Ben roamin' 07 Aug 2015

Benromach Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky is savoured the world over; from its spiritual home in Scotland to the sunny shores of Australia, The United States of America, and beyond. To celebrate, the team at Benromach is on the hunt to find the perfect place to enjoy a dram of the award-winning classic Speyside single malt whisky.

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Ben roamin' 19 Oct 2015

Or that is what Tommy Tardie’s Flatiron Room seemed like to me. Situated behind a discreet entrance in a prestigious location on West 26th Street in Manhattan this is unlike any bar I have ever visited.

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Ben roamin' 19 Oct 2015

I was lifting to my lips what was probably the most expensive glass I had ever seen. It was hard not to feel nervous knowing if I dropped it not only would over 40 thousand pounds worth of antique smash on the floor but an irreplaceable and almost unique part of Scottish history would be destroyed for ever.

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Ben roamin' 04 Jun 2015

Benromach Distillery’s flagship 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky has won two more gold medals, making it three in as many months.

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